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The Leiden Inclusion Blog is a Leiden University-based platform aimed at the academic community of Leiden University and those interested outside of the university.

The blog aims to create more awareness regarding diversity and inclusion at Leiden University. It sets initiatives and events regarding diversity and inclusion at Leiden University in the spotlight. The blog posts cover both current affairs and broader themes.

Length600-800 words
References/annotationsFootnotes are prohibited. Hyperlinks to articles, videos, websites etc. are allowed.
FormatBackground article, analysis, opinion piece, column, interview, event report
TitleShort and captivating
TrailerShort intro to the blog, meant to catch the attention of the reader. What are they about to read? Max 256 characters, spacing included.
ImagesEach blog is accompanied by an image (578x220 px), for example from the image database of Leiden University. A royalty-free or self-made image is also allowed, as long as the quality is sufficient. Make sure you provide a concise image description.

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A blog can be written by more that one person. The Diversity Office and networks which represent communities within the University will also author blogs.

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